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PIN-Less Debit

PIN-Less Debit allows businesses to accept debit card transactions without the PIN.Most businesses today accept electronic payments. Visa, MasterCard and Electronic Checks are the payment processing norm. Now, there is a new way to process bank card transactions: PIN-Less Debit. PIN-Less allows you to use your existing payment processing vendor, systems and customer bank-issued cards while saving you up to 30% on transaction fees. As of 2008, there were nearly 700,000 business in the US that could be saving money with PIN-Less Debit Services.  At least, 34.6% of all Visa/MasterCard transactions, processed at 1.5-4% transaction fees, could have been processed as PIN-Less Debits saving businesses up to 30% per transaction. 

How PIN-Less Works


PIN-Less Supports All Payment Mediums

Integrate PIN-Less services through your existing website using PIN-Less for Web, receive automated PIN-Less Payments over the Phone with PIN-Less IVR /Phone and process PIN-Less Payments through your In-house Accounts Receivable Department with PIN-Less Systems.

Keep Your Existing Payment Processor

PIN-Less has works to add our service to your existing website payment processing systems. This requires very little time and is free and easy for you. Working with PIN-Less will not require you to switch to a new payment processing company.

Use Your Customers’ Existing Account Information

PIN-Less Debit is simple:  once your account is set up, you will be transacting payments with the same customer account information using the Debit Networks (Star, Pulse, Plus, etc). Approved transactions will behave in a manner you are familiar with. The transacted amount will be placed in your business banking account within 1-3 business days. 


Accept All Payment Types

image   PIN-Less for Web
image   PIN-Less IVR /Phone
image   PIN-Less Systemsfor In-house Accounting Software

Easy to Work With

image   Fast and Easy Set-up:  We Provide the Programming
image   24 Hour Customer Service and Tech Support


image   Significantly Lower Transaction Fees
image   No Set-up Costs
image   We Integrate with Existing Systems

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