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About PIN-Less

About PIN-Less

PIN-Less transacts your Visa/MasterCard debit payments without a PIN, saving you 30% or more on transaction fees. PIN-Less Debit technology was established in 2004 to support lower cost transactions.
PIN-Less is unique since customers are not required to use a PIN or signature. PIN-Less is ideal for monthly online or phone payments. There are approximately 650,000 business and $780 Billion in transactions in the US that could be processed as PIN-Less transactions. 

No Special Card or Number - Use Your Customers’ Existing Visa/MasterCards

Transacting a PIN-Less payment does not require your customer to have a special number or card. PIN-Less is completely seam-less for you and your customers. PIN-Less uses your existing customers debit/credit card number.

Easily Add PIN-Less Debit to Your Existing Payment Processing

PIN-Less technology is 100% free* to clients and customers. PIN-Less will integrate with your existing in-house or online technology at no cost. Set-up typically takes 3-5 business days for approved merchants.

PIN-Less is Virtually No-Fraud for Approved Businesses

PIN-Less was established for specific business types and SIC codes - these are typically business that experience little to no fraud, such as utility providers or accounts receivable companies - expanding into may other industries.  Review a list of approved business types (SIC codes). PIN-Less uses very extensive security protocols to insure your customer payment information is always secure and protected. 


Full Range of Payment Solutions

image   PIN-Less for Web
image   PIN-Less IVR/Phone
image   PIN-Less Systemsfor In-house Accounting Software


image   Fast and Easy Set-up:  We Provide the Programming
image   24 Hour Customer Service and Tech Support


image   Significantly Lower Transaction Fees
image   No Set-up Costs
image   Integrate with Existing Systems

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