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PIN-Less IVR integrates with your existing automated phone payment systems to save you 30% or more on transaction fees. Whether you are a utility company, insurance provider or financing partner, you are very likely to receive automated payments via a Phone IVR system.  Approximately 40% of your card payments are bank-issued check cards which could be processed as PIN-Less debits. PIN-Less allows you to debit these cards through your existing payment processing systems, saving you 30% on each transaction. 

How PIN-Less IVR Works


Add PIN-Less To Your Existing IVR Payment Systems

Working with PIN-Less will not require a change to your IVR systems. We have developed an IVR call management architecture that is consistent with most voice-activated environments and can be easily integrated into your existing program.  This requires very little time and set-up is free. Once your PIN-Less account is established, one of our PIN-Less IVR Technicians will contact your IT Department and provide the procedures required to start processing PIN-Less IVR transactions.


Accept All Payment Types

image   PIN-Less for Web
image   PIN-Less IVR/Phone
image   PIN-Less Systemsfor In-house Accounting Software


image   Significantly Lower Transaction Fees
image   No Set-up Costs
image   We Integrate With Existing IVR Systems

Easy to Work With

image   Fast and Easy Set-up
image   24 Hour Customer Service and Tech Support

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